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    David Kaplan


    It sounds as if you and I were in the same boat here, but I did in fact read quite a few ARE 5.0 Handbook resources for PPD and PDD.  From the post though, it sounds as if you already have a pretty strong grasp on a lot of things and are comfortable with the new format.  How did you find the Demonstration Exam - easy enough?

    I would recommend strongly Architect's Studio Companion.  I've been working solidly in the field for 14 years and have run projects from start to finish throughout those years.  I still found this book to be extremely helpful and also found a free version of it.  The MEP and Structural systems review in there are really, really good and easy to understand. 

    I had purchased AEP for PPD - waste of money.  Practice exams were worthless I felt.  Others may disagree.

    Best of luck to you.  If needed, you can find my study posts for both PPD and PDD on here.

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    Curtis Goben

    Awesome! Thank you for your input. I'll look into Arch Studio Companion! much appreciated.

    Yeah, I've read that while some thought either BS or AEP were great, I also read several, that i think are more on our page, which the content didn't seem to help.

    The demo exam seemed easy enough, I'll have to take a few to make sure i get my mind adapted to from fast pace multiple choice to chase studies, etc. Doesn't seem like it will be hard to get use to, I hope. ha ha

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    Luke Durkin

    I did the same transition from 4.0 to 5.0 and got the provisional pass on PDD yesterday.  I didn't study as much as most people on here advocate, just Black Spec videos, some black spec podcats, and looked up a few things in my Ballast 4.0 book that I wanted to read more on.  I also did FEMA Ch 4 &5 but didn't find that too helpful.  Def don't read the last few pgs of ch5 where they talk about styles of architecture and what FEMA things about them.

    Ultimately, I think it's best to just have a go at it and see how you do.  You'll learn a lot from taking a 5.0 test.  I spent too long reading up on 5.0 and so forth when I should have just pulled the trigger.

    I also recommend starting my reading the reference materials you will be provided in the 5.0 test.  This way you don't waste time memorizing structural equations (for example) that are provided for you.  Know these equations listed in the study guide.  

    Also, assume the case studies will take much more time per question than the rest of the test. I recommend at least 4 min/question on the case studies.

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    Joel Aldridge

    Hi Curtis,

    Just thought I'd add some input here.  I found most of the Architect Exam Prep material way too dense - 384 page study guide?!  Audio guide and flashcards were a bit of a waste too.  Stick with Jenny's or Caroline's notes for concise info.  I have invested in a month of Black Spectacles videos and will probably go for the extra cost of the practice tests as I just got a provisional fail on my PDD yesterday, for the third time.  argh.  

    As others have mentioned, I highly recommend Architect's Studio Companion, Building Construction Illustrated, and Graphic Standards.  Designer Hacks is great for practice tests and is only $30!

    I'd also add that this site is a wonderful forum for help and positivity.  Between working full time and raising a one-year old daughter, there is little time to study.  It's terribly disappointing to fail an exam (much less fail the same one three times).  But, there is great support here and it has been helpful for me to remind myself that other folks are going through the same hurdles and we all get through. 

    Onward through the fog!



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