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    Curtis Goben

    Take a look at some of the other PPD threads by Jason or Stephen as well as several others. I've read through the majority and there may be good info already waiting for you. Best of luck!

    While I'm commenting, what would you say you were least prepared for after taking PPD for the first time?

    Did the test seem more fluid and easy to use than ARE 4.0 as far as vignette integration?

    I read that a key thing was to remember a few formulas that would be able to get you through the structural questions, although some seems to have fewer than others on certain PPD exams....

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    Christopher Bennett

    Hey Curtis, thanks for the note. I have to say, I think I was just 'off' when I took it. Started to focus on how long I was taking with some questions and running out of time. I felt like I was prepared, but mentally, I was just anxious I suppose. In addition, the room adjacent to the testing center I was testing in was literally jack hammering the concrete floor during 90% of my test. 

    Thanks, Ill read the J + S posts. 


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