PJM Pass first try



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    Osman Bilger

    Congrats! See my post on the pcm section i passed it this week. (Not letting me post my link on my phone)

    Was the third party material enough for PA and ppd for you? Im lacking the code experience as i come from a construction background. Those are next for me having passed ce pjm pcm. Good luck !

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    Mahya salehi fadardi

    Hi Osman,

    I highly recommend Architect's Studio Companion and Building Code Illustrated for PPD. I wouldn't even spend any time on the Brightwood book for PPD. For PA I believe Brightwood + Building Code Illustrated worked for me. You should know a lot about emergency exit codes, egress paths, ADA codes (slopes, sizes, clearances), Fire and sound ratings in general.

    Good luck!

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    Christina Fu

    good luck on PcM.  I passed that one on first try.  I'm taking PjM tomorrow and I am very anxious.  I feel like I cannot study enough for this one.  Maybe I'm thinking too hard since project management is so different from project to project. I'm not sure if I'm letting my work experience bring fear to my ability to take this exam.  Hope I'll be calm and able think logically for the exam tomorrow.

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