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    Luke Durkin

    I passed PPP, CDS & SPD in 4.0, in that order, then got the provisional on PDD today. 

    It's hard to say how much 4.0 translates to 5.0 because PDD is just so different.  It's techincal stuff, while the 3 in 4.0 I took were more procedural, contracts, situational.

    If I knew which tests you passed I could help more.

    5.0 is just a better test, it's tests what you know and retain more than what you've memorized.  So experience will help you a lot.  It's going to be pretty hard to pass 5.0 straight outta school.

    The number one thing I think is that you have to be able to use logic, reasoning and critical thinking.  You could study forever for these,  so when you take these tests there is always going to be stuff you didn't study.  So you just have to reason your way through it and that's really a lot of what being an architect is.  

    Assuming you probably have PPD and PDD to go, I'd say they don't expect you to be a structural or MEP engineer (I hear that was kinda the case in 4.0).  yeah, you have to do some basic calculations, but it's very intro level.  It's really about having the knowledge you need to coordinate with consultants.  That also means knowing systems enough to know what is appropriate for a project.  (What HVAC is fitting, what structural system is fitting.)  One of the first things I'd do when studying for PDD and probably PPD is to look at the reference materials they provide you in the exam.  This way you'll know you don't have to memorize a formula, also you'll know what formulas you have to know when to use and how to use.  They also provide a lot of shear and moment free body diagrams, so don't try memorizing those.  Like I said, this is more about knowing how to work with consultants than reliving your college structures classes.  

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    Kristen Charters

    Luke's comment is on point. In general, for 5.0, it seems that PcM, PjM and CE are closely related while PA, PPD and PDD share information. Some people seem to be having luck studying for the PcM,  PjM and CE together and taking them close to each other and then doing the remaining three. However, it also depends on how you study/if you are a fast reader, etc.

    I roughly broke down the tests in this post as well.

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