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    Kristen Charters


    I used the ARE 4.0 materials when I studied. You can absolutely use them to study for your tests.

    The following roughly correspond*:

    PcM: Ballast 4.0 Ch. 50-53

    PjM: Ballast 4.0 Ch. 50, 52, 53

    CE: Ballast 4.0 51-53

    PA: Ballast 4.0 2,3,5,10,55

    PPD/PDD: Ballast 4.0 3, 10-25, 27-33, 35-44, 48-50, 53, 55,56 (essentially everything else except the vignette chapters)

    *You can look for more specific sections if you look at the Ballast 5.0 table of contents and compare to the 4.0 content. However, this is roughly the equivalent chapters but please note that there is a lot of crossover between sections if you go by 4.0 material and that not all sections in each chapter apply to each exam. All this being said, I would use your 4.0 material as an overview/jumping off point and then go straight into matrix materials for more information.

    I can share a more thorough breakdown if you email me at

    Good luck!

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    Brian Blodnikar


    This is exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you so much for researching this information and crossover.  I will email you shortly from my yahoo account for a more thorough breakdown.



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    Luke Durkin

    I thought my Ballast 4.0 book was still useful.  I wouldn't read it cover to cover as most people suggest but I think it's a good, concise, reference to use for specific topics.  For example, if the main resources you use for studying leave you confused or thinking you need more info, that's when I went to my ballast book. 

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