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    Neena Gupta

    I had the same observations like Raphael about Problems on questions with Case Studies, and the math required for answering the questions. The exam was PCM.

    The drop down display of reference data obscured the Question. There should be a way to simultaneously view the Question and the reference data. It was often required to copy the numerical reference data on paper in order to go back to the question for calculations. It unnecessarily used a lot of time that was not pertinent to answering questions. It may be more efficient for NCARB to provide 'printed' referenced data to which the individual questions gets cross referenced too. 

    The second observation is about the level of math required for the test. It is very basic addition and multiplication, which seems to be unnecessary and irrelevant to the knowledge being tested. For example overhead expenses need not be itemized when a total can be provided. 

    Last but not the least, couple questions required rote memory too.

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    Gregory Alker-Sweeney

    Not sure how many exams you have left but I strongly suggest when you start the exam, hit the exam summary button and go right to the case study questions and do those first. They always take the longest and the reference material in there may be helpful in some of the other questions on the exam. I've found that strategy to be helpful with all my exams so far.

    Best of luck!

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    Clarice Jones

    I agree about the drop down reference data, maybe it should be a handout and returned at the end. That was one of my complaints, Also I received a call two weeks before the exam and it was a  different place to take the exam and it was too noisy another complaint.

    I will take your advice Gregory about looking at the cast studies first.


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