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    Kristen Charters


    Over the course of taking the AREs, I had both situations come up. When I had other exams left, I took a different exam before going back to the one I just failed. In my case, I failed PPP in 4.0 so I went ahead and took SPD before going back to PPP. Then I transitioned to 5.0. I also failed PDD once but it was also my last test.  At that point I was getting burned out so I took some time off from test taking and studied hard for 2 months before retaking (and passing it).

    To actually answer your question, since PPD and PDD cover similar material, I'd recommend that you retake PPD before taking PDD. I know several people have written about their advice for studying for both tests which I found helpful in gathering information to study. May I ask which sections in particular you were struggling with?

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