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    Osman Bilger

    Hey Scott I agree the conversions should be available on the exam. My strategy for this test was to study AHPP 90% and 10% google or youtube(same for CE and PCM as well) . I used the following link to narrow my studies.

    I dont think 25 hours is enough time to study for this test unless you have a tremendous amount of PM experience. I have many years GC PM experience and i studied 3 weeks, 25 hours a week. 

    I tried 3rd party (bought ballast review, designer hacks, kaplan questions). None of it was helpful for me. I felt it wasnt aligned to the test. AHPP all the way. Many people who post here agree. Good luck. 


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    Scott Philipp

    Wow, that document you linked to is really helpful. Thank you.


    I got a copy of Architect's Handbook from my office that I will definitely be using to prepare for the retake. I'm the only person I know in my office who has had to take the 5.0 tests, but all the guys who took it w/ 4.0 swore by Kaplan & Ballast and I found it adequate practice for the PcM test, so I thought it'd be fine for this one, too. But I think you're right about it not being well-aligned with the study material. It's not really far off, but all the questions requiring calculations and such were not covered at ALL in those 3rd party study material.

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    Scott Philipp

    Btw Osman,

    Do you have a similar document for CE? I was planning to use the Kaplan and Ballast stuff for that test (while I wait the 2 months to retake PjM), but based on how I was left high-and-dry on the PjM test, I would like to use the Arch Handbook to prepare for CE as well and your "guide" would definitely help me narrow down what sections I need to study in preparation for the CE test.

    Thanks again for the help.

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    Osman Bilger

    My post-CE exam notes:


    The AHPP study guide from wiley:


    All the other study guides from wiley:(bottom of page)


    I strongly suggest you align your study habits to whats oitlined in the NCARB handbook:

    I go section by section in the relevant chapter. This helps me not under/over study.My weakness has been overstudying and filling my head with clutter and micro details that haven't been needed for the most part.


    Invest in the matrix materials. They write these questions from the content in these books. 

    Good luck! 

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