Order of taking ARE 5.0 - HELP PLEASE!!



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    Derek Mason

    I took the CDS and passed it the second time (I've never been good at taking test) and immediaately transistioned over to 5.0 I thought a good first test would be the PA but it crushed me. Anyways...

    I would recommend to take the PcM and then the PjM. Actually I don't knwo if taking one before the other is beter since there is a cross over. It has been stated before that PcM is setting up the practive and PjM is after the contract is awarded. Basically, get yourself the AHPP and read it. Both exams are roughly based upon that book. 

    Others who've taken more of the exams can let you know which overlap there is with the PPP. 

    Good Luck. 

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    Quintus Colbert

    That's a good question actually. I'd like to know the answer to that one myself. I'm in the same boat so any help or advice on this would go a long way.

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    David Kaplan

    I did the transition method and took CDS then PPP, and then went over to 5.0.  I took PA first and found that everything I had studied during PPP was applicable to the PA test.  It was a good overlap. 

    I unfortunately can't speak to the entirety of 5.0 - I only took PA, PPD, and PDD.  I can tell you though that, in that order, those three tests I thought worked very well in terms of overlap and study planning.  Only think I can't weigh in on for you is the other 5.0 tests and where those should fall in respect to those three.

    Best of luck!

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    Sogol Alesafar (Edited )

    Thank you all so much for your feedback, I'm going to take a break for one week and then start studying again. I don't think it's good to take long breaks between exams. I had a huge gap between the two times I took a test and that didn't do me any good so....If anyone else has any other thoughts regarding the order in taking 5.0 after passing CDS & studying for PPP, I'd really appreciate it.


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    Grace Chang

    Hi Sogol and everyone,

    I had the same exact timeline as you as to having taken CDs in 4.0 (and passed) and then having failed PPP 4.0 and now transitioning to 5.0. Sucks that we have to take 5 exams now.

    Next up, I'm thinking of studying for PA, as David mentioned, or else PjM (since contracts are somewhat/barely fresh in my mind). Where are you located? I'm in MA/Boston area.


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    Sogol Alesafar (Edited )


    Oh yeah it definitely would be nice if we would've passed PPP or had more time to retake it in 4.0. 2 more exams is a lot but I guess we can't let that discourage us. I think I made up my mind, I did look at the flash cards for PA and I already knew or was familiar with most of the subjects so I'm going to take PA first. I did the same for PjM and PcM and seemed like there was a lot I didn't know so going for PA. I'm in LA.

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