Building Area Modifications - Section 506



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    David Kaplan


    It's very simple, here's the difference:

    -Allowable Area per Story is the total allowable area per story once you factor in all the increases for sprinkler and frontage.

    -The Tabular Area per story is the initial number indicated on Table 503.  It is only one component that makes up the Allowable Area per Story - the other two components being increases for frontage and sprinklers.  The word "tabular" is meant to imply per the table, as in Table 503.

    Hope this helps!  If you have further questions let me know.


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    Morgan Brown


    Wow.  That was much simpler and less intimidating than it initially looked.

    Do you know of any practice problems that involve this calculation?

    Thank you so much!

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    David Kaplan

    I don't know, but I would recommend looking into Building Codes Illustrated.  It includes examples of how to apply these formulas. 

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