Ballast PA Practice Exam question



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    Ariel Jamison

    I'm with you here, I had nearly the EXACT same answers to both of these questions. I would hope there is some feedback, if anyone has comments greatly appreciated. I tend to keep in mind there are lots of typos in these books, but I still try and resolve where they are coming from. However, in both these situations I am also at a loss why the way you and I approached the questions is not as good, or arguably better than the presented "correct" solution. Typically I find that the ARE exam questions are THANKFULLY much clearer. My P&A exam is in 2 days so I'm hoping this is the case for my 3rd ARE experience.

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    Lara Zakhem

    Hello! a quick question: do you know if there is an e-version of the Ballast practice exam book or is it just a hard copy book? I cant seem to find it in an electronic version. I would like to practice before my PA exam but can't order it online (the book won't be delivered to me before my exam date) Thanks!

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