CE Pass, some post test notes...



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    Nicholas Civitano

    Sorry for typos, at the airport on my phone, traveling from Hawaii island to Oahu to take these tests...fun... :/

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    Ruth Brooks

    Congrats on passing Nicholas and thanks for such an in-depth write up! I have PcM and PjM out of the way and have just started preparing for CE. I am a little nervous b/c so far I have heard of more people failing than passing this exam, but I'm just going to go for it b/c of the information I currently have from just passing PjM and I feel like I can continue to build up on the information. Congrats again! Also, you're a trooper for having to fly to take these exams. I complained b/c my closest testing center was 1.5hrs away (a test center 20 min away just opened up!). I will never complain again. 

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    Jose Magana

    Hello  and congratulations on passing this Division, I have also passed PjM and PcM and CE is this coming week. Thank you for all of the information you posted and I wish the best of luck to you on the next divisions.


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