General Question: Thoughts on using AXP Checklists to build study guides for the ARE?


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    Scott Barber

    Hi Patricia, that's an interesting idea. I didn't look at the AXP at all when deciding what to study (I recently finished all 6 exams under 5.0). I glanced through the tasks a minute ago and, while I think they relate to the exams and what you'll need to know, I don't think they necessarily give you a specific enough view of the exam's content. For example, under PDD, the AXP has 7 bullet points. However, PDD is one of the two largest exams. The PDD exam requires you to know content relating to structural and MEP issues, which I don't really see reflected in the AXP guidelines (maybe in the "communicate design ideas" task, but that's pretty broad). 

    The thing to remember is, the AXP Handbook and ARE Handbook were made for two different purposes. And since the ARE Handbook was created to help you prepare for the exams, I'd focus on that handbook to help you know what to study. I found it to be very accurate for what I saw on each exam.

    This forum is also a great resource - before creating a study plan for each exam I read all the "Post-Exam" posts and used that to provide direction for what resources to study. I'd definitely suggest using this forum, it was a great resource for me and a big reason why I was able to pass all the exams. 

    Hope that helps, good luck!

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