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    Fernando Mingo Jozami (Edited )

    Prior to contract Award:

    Who's approval is required? Just the architect? or the owner too?

    According to AIA A701 Instruction to Bidders:

    The architect is designated to approve a substitution only if it is in conformance with the contract documents. If it is not, he may reject it. Substitutions proposed during bidding should be done at least 10 days before bid opening date. No substitutions will be considered after bidding unless specified on the contract documents.

    Say a product specified by the architect is no longer available. Does the contractor still need to get the substitute approved? I am guessing yes, but is the process any different from when the contractor just proposes a substitution based on its economic feasibility.?

    Yes, because the substitution needs to comply with the contract docs, and to do so the architect will need to review it for compliance.



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    Osman Bilger

    Straight from A201- 3.4.2    "

    ...The contractor may make substitutions only with the consent of the owner, after evaluation by the architect  in accordance with Change order or construction change directive "


    Basically. The contractor discovers the item isn't available. The GC would submit a submittal to the architect for the alternative product. Arch/owner agree and If there is a change in TIME or MONEY a Change order would be issued. If no change then the architect would submit supplemental instructions. Every contractual modification has to be in writing. 

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