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    David Kaplan

    Congrats bud, glad that my posts were helpful to you!  Enjoy being done with the ARE!  Oh, and I'm an imperial stout guy, hahahaha! 

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    Christopher Bennett

    cheers man!

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    Michelle NCARB

    Congratulations Joshua!  Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the Community!

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    Benjamin Norkin (Edited )

    Whoooooo! Congrats Joshua, and thanks for the shout out! Glad to help. I'll take a beer. Or this bottle. You know, whatever works.


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    Kurt Fanderclai

    Joshua -- CONGRATULATIONS...!

    Glad our posts helped you out.  

    It's definitely an unbelievable feeling to get through the ARE....   well played, sir! 

    Enjoy your accomplishment.


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    ciro podany

    Thank you very much for this post and to Kurt, Benjamin, and David, for their helpful posts as well. I read this all a couple weeks before my PDD test and it massively helped re-tune and focus my final studies.  Got the pass today!

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