CE Practice Question - I'm stumped with this one?



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    Lauren Toribio

    Hello Laura,

    Section 9.3.3 of the A201-2007 states that the Contractor warrants that title to all Work covered by an Application for Payment will pass to the Owner no later than the time of payment.

    I highly recommend reading the A201-2007 commentary. It is very helpful in deciphering  the General Conditions of the Contract for Construction. The pdf version is free to download online.

    Also, isn't Designer Hacks good about explaining their answers?

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    Laura Diallo

    Hi Lauren, 

    Thank you for your help. I will have to go back through the commentary. I haven't used it since PcM. Yes Designer Hacks is typically really good about explaining the correct answer and usually giving references but this particular question the answer explained was just "The Contractor warrants that the title to all Work shall be transferred to the Owner no later than the time of payment." 

    Thanks again,

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