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    Mitulkumar Patel


    4.0 maybe good guide, but i would not use that as only source to study from.  from my experience there is not one book you can buy and be ok for all divisions.  Ballast 5.0 books (study guide, practice prob, and practice exam) are great way to find out what you need to focus on for a division, I've used them for PjM, CE, PrM, and now using them for PA.  They are bit of hit and miss or chapters under wrong divisions.  I recommend looking at posts other people have passed a specific division made to gauge which book/ online resources to use. 

    I would highly recommend spending the money for 5.0 set, its a great way to gauge what you understand and what areas you may need to focus on.  Except for PA, when i failed a test and looked at who i did in the Ballast 5.0 tests, the results were somewhat similar.

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