Failed PPP but transitioned to P&A



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    yasir alsaidi

    I feel you. i was planing to pass CDS, and PPP to have 3 exams left from ARE 5.0. I passed CDS, but failed PPP. now I'm planing to take the PCM exam.

    Wish you best of luck.

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    Ryan Sur

    I'm in the same baot as you my friend, after failing PPP twice.  Good luck on the transition and thanks for the tips.

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    Sogol Alesafar (Edited )

    Oh I'm exactly the same as Yasir. I took my PPP last year and failed the vignette but got passing on all multiple choice divisions :( just because I didn't practice the Vignette more than once to better time myself. So recently I took the PPP again but didn't study enough and I think the questions were super I failed again :(( , now don't know what to start with from ARE 5.0 to take advantage of my knowledge from PPP. Anyone has any advise on which one to take first in 5.0? PA or PjM & PcM? I've heard different things. PPP from 4.0 being equal to PjM + PcM from 5.0 gives you the impression of having the most overlap but some people say PA has a lot in common with PPP. Please help as I want to start studying again ASAP while I have PPP materials fresh in mind (kinda).

    Truly appreciate your help!!

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    David Kaplan

    SA - I personally felt that PPP overlapped well with PA.  I took CDS and PPP under 4.0 and then transitioned to 5.0 and took PA, PPD, and PDD (in that order as well).  I can't speak to the other 5.0 exams unfortunately, but PPP stands for "Programming Planning and Practice" and PA stands for "Programming & Analysis."  I felt that the programming pieces overlapped between the two exams.  Additionally, I recall studying quite a bit for PPP with regards to site analysis, zoning analysis, and existing building analysis - the questions of which are prominent in PA. 

    Hope that helps, best of luck.  I personally liked 5.0 better than 4.0 by the way. 

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    Sogol Alesafar

    Thank you so much David. Appreciate your input :) What study materials were the most helpful for PA? When you first look at it, it's just so overwhelming so was hoping to narrow it down. Thanks again!

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    David Kaplan


    My PA study approach can be found in the body of this post I did some time ago, scroll down past the 4.0/5.0 transition advice I give and you'll see it outlined.  Hope this helps! 


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    Weilu Yang

    Hey Amy, thanks for sharing.  I am completely on the same boat, devastated and now I don't know where and in what order to start to study while living in the shadow of failing...:(

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