Difference between Historic Treatments



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    Restoration is a treatment including preservation of the surviving features, removal of features from other period, and reconstruction of the non-surviving features. Rehabilitation focuses on preserving while re-purpose the historical building. Usually the questions ask what is and is not allowed for one particular treatment.

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    Mitulkumar Patel


    This is how i remember it, i don't know if it will work for you or not.

    • Preservation: beauty and the beast, the beast was preserving the rose -> keeping in glass box, not touching it or altering it in any shape or form.
    • Rehabilitation: you go to rehab to get rid of bad habits -> removing what doesn't belong 
    • Restoration: if your computer crashes you restore it by removing virus and putting back damaged files -> removing what doesn't belong and adding back what is needed to make it work.
    • Reconstruction: well there is no trick for this one... the name says it all.

    Hope it helps!


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