Project Execution



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    Scott Barber

    Hi Beatriz, sorry to hear you failed PjM!

    I found that AHPP was the best resource overall for this exam. This link has a set of documents that directs you to each part of the AHPP to study for each section of the exam. I found it was very helpful to focus my studying. 

    Good luck! 

    P.S. If you haven't checked out the Schiff Hardin lectures, I thought they were the second most important resource for the exam, after the AHPP. I mainly listened to the lectures that discussed the A201 and B101, but the others may be helpful as well.

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    Beatriz Juan Miranzo

    Thank you Scott!

    Definitely AHPP was very helpful and I didn't do that bad. As I said, Project Execution was the only section that I didn't pass. So I am almost there!! I will pay more attention to the Project Execution section from that guideline.

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