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    Robert Hott

    Here is the structures reference sheet from

    I highly recommend his video courses. He guides you through the exact type of questions and concepts on the exam in a time efficient manner. If the $300 price scares you away, you can do what I did and go half and half with a friend who's also studying for this test. Good luck!

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    Mahya salehi fadardi

    Hi Robert,

    Do you recommend the David Thaddeus courses for ARE 5.0? I'm just wondering if it is more suited for calculation questions of 4.0 or its good for PDD too?

    Thank you!

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    Robert Hott

    It helps with the concepts as well as the calculations. I guess the amount of structural calculations has been reduced in 5.0, so I'm not sure it's worth $300 unless maybe your office is paying for it or you share the video series with a friend and split the cost. He has many years of experience teaching architecture courses and ARE courses. The previous PDF I linked to is basically all the info you should know for the structures aspect of the PDD test. I passed PPD two weeks ago, I'll be taking PDD in a few days. I can report back here (if I remember) after the test and let you know how helpful the video course was. I binged watched all his videos (30 hours) before my PPD test and I only had maybe 6 questions. So figure out for yourself if spending30 hours watching videos that are only relevant to a handful of questions is right for you. I felt I did the right thing, because I know that structures was my weak point, since at my job I practice most of the other aspects of what's covered on the ARE everyday. The amber book video series was also really good to brush up on building systems. 

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    Tomasz Mlynarski

    I got the Thaddeus lectures for my 5.0 exams and I found them very helpful. Def worth the money.

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