Occupancy load for residential building.



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    Scott Barber

    The firm where I work does a lot of multifamily projects. From my understanding, we typically measure 200 sf/person for the overall floor plan and include the other spaces unless the other spaces are >10% of the floor area (leasing, amenity spaces, etc). When it's a mixed use we separate the occupancy load based on the different uses.

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    Theodore Diamond

    Scott is right on this.  For the exam you need to think based on IBC 2012.  Table 1004.1.2 tells you that you use 200 gross sf/person, so you need to include laundry rooms, lounges, etc.

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    David Kaplan

    We do a TON of hotels.  For the guestroom floors, we take the full gross square footage of the building footprint and divide it by 200, and there you go.  That's your occupant load.  Simple enough.

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