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    Robert Hott (Edited )

    ARE 5.0 uses IBC 2012 though. I know there was some major revisions in 2015 that changed the language of the automatic sprinkler provisions in chapter 5 and removed the "200%" and "300%" area increases and the 30 ft building height increase and incorporated it into a table that IMO is less user friendly. 

    The 2012 version '506.3 Automatic sprinkler system increase' has been completely changed. 

    I'm not sure what else was changed, but I'd stick to becoming generally familiar with the 2012 IBC and not memorization. 

    2012 confirmed  >  https://are5community.ncarb.org/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000290228-2012-IBC-vs-2015-IBC

    changes to 2015 IBC  > http://www.sfpe.org/page/FPE_ET_Issue_84/Changes-to-the-2015-International-Building-Code-.htm

    BC 2012 link  >  https://codes.iccsafe.org/public/document/IBC2012P12

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    Jonathan Chertok

    hi robert
    i was unclear in the post. what i mean is i am looking to just gather up a list of the problem sets provided in the 2012 IBC /commentary/. this is the code with the commentary from IBC and problem sets.
    i just want to put together a list of problem sets to work from the 2012 commentary. citing chapter and section helps because right now for me if i hear “area whatever” whatever i find it hard to get to the correct table or code section. if i have the citation it is easy to find the problem set (or problem sets as sometimes there are two or more worked examples) in the commentary that is for that section of the code.
    hopefully that makes more sense. i meant “usual suspects” in the sense that these would be possible case study or other questions...

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