IBC chart(s) for PPD/PDD?



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    Michelle Gonzales

    The short answer is no. The long answer is that it would be best to navigate all of IBC and get acquainted with the charts as much as you can so you know how to use them as resources during the case studies. I personally found knowing the funtamentals in Chapters 3-7 and Chapter 10 helped me to pass PPD, but I did get some questions from other chapters and tables, e.g. table 2902.1 for plumbing calculations. I did well in PDD for the Codes section even though I failed overall, so I’m guessing my approach of familiarity to the document as a whole with special emphasis on what I just mentioned, helped me out in the end.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!

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    David Kaplan

    ^^100% agree. 

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    Jonathan Chertok (Edited )

    hi michelle.
    thanks a lot for the help.
    just so i understand this. the exam guide appears to state pretty clearly that there is one IBC chart available in the exams as a “resource”. obviously i will study this in advance of testing.
    when you say no are you saying this is NOT the only chart that it is important to know in the exam? or is there some terminology that i am missing where this is the only chart necessary for the case studies as it is the only one presented in a tab as a resource?
    or MORE charts could be presented as resources (in case studies or somewhere)?
    or general familiarity with other charts from IBC are important for basic MC questions?
    i know this is a long follow up but presenting IBC as a reference is a little like telling me i need to know the old and the new testament when (after carefully reviewing this tome) what i really just want is a list of charts to review - complementary to my regular study materials.
    i mean, BCI seems to have referenced 2015 (which i have) when the exam references 2012 so i “just” want to access some 2012 charts to review them briefly prior to testing.
    advance apologies if i missed anything in your answer but i’d like to put a stake in this issue (as it were).


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    Jonathan Chertok (Edited )

    just to be clear - i am reviewing IBC commentary (2015), AHPP, building codes illustrated, some forum posts and the usual suspects (feel free to let me know if i am missing any here...) so what i am trying to dig out are some /specific/ charts from 2012 so i know i have properly reviewed the material.

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    Robert Hott (Edited )

    Here's a link to the IBC  >  https://codes.iccsafe.org/public/document/IBC2012P12

    My PDD test is next week, I've been brushing up on where all the info is located so I dont have to scramble through it during the case studies like I had to for PPD. I wouldn't memorize charts in detail, just the location. The search function in the exam doesn't work very well. Typing in "FIRE" will give you hits for fire, but typing in "Group II-A" for example, yielded zero hits.  

    I saw somewhere else on this forum these are the recommended chapters for PDD. 

    Chapter 3 -- occupancy types
    Chapters 5 and 6 -- construction types, height and area limitations
    Chapters 7 - 9 -- fire resistance and protection requirements
    Chapter 29 -- fixture counts

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    Jonathan Chertok (Edited )

    hi robert, all.

    looks like i need to chunk through this.

    anyone have a list of charts they are studying from IBC? i'd like to print them out for review but also make sure there isn't one or two that will be different on the exam (2012) since i only have 2015.

    the exam guide seems pretty specific about AISC tables but there is only the one lone table from IBC listed which seems odd. 

    thanks for the help


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    Jonathan Chertok (Edited )

    whelp. multiple edits.

    this is primarily from ballast with chapters 7 - 9 per robert's suggestion.




    ARE 5 PDD/PPD IBC 2012 references/tables














    3. use and occupancy classifications

    5. general building height and areas

    6. types of construction

    10. means of egress

    29. plumbing


    also suggested:

    7. fire and smoke protection features

    8. interior finishes

    9. fire protection systems

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    Jonathan Chertok

    here is an updated list. it would be helpful to get feedback on whether this list is good for PPD and/or PDD. again the list is based upon notes from ballast.


    ARE 5 PDD/PPD IBC 2012 references/tables




    504.3 allowable building height in feet above grade line

    504.4 allowable number of stories above grade plane

    506.2 allowable area factor in square feet

    508.4 required occupancy separation / partition types


    601 fire-resistance rating requirements for building elements (hours)

    602 fire-resistance rating requirements for exterior walls based on fire separation distance


    716.5 opening fire protection assemblies, ratings and markings


    1004.1.2 maximum floor area allowances per occupant


    1006.2.1 spaces with one exit or exit access doorway

    1006.3.1 minimum number of exits or access to exits per story

    1006.3.2 stories with one exit or access or access to one exit for R-2 occupancies


    1017.2 exit access travel distance


    1020.1 corridor fire resistive ratings

    1020.2 minimum corridor width


    1106.1 accessible parking spaces*

    2902.1 minimum number of required plumbing fixtures





    503 general building height and area limitations

    602 siting of building

    708 fire partitions

    1010.1.1 size of doors

    1010.1.2 door swing

    1010.1.4 special doors

    1017.1 exit access travel distances

    1010.1.5 floor elevations

    1019 exit access stairways and ramps

    1106.1 required (section 1106 parking and passenger loading facilities)*

    1029 assembly (note said “handrails in assembly occupancies”)





    3. use and occupancy classifications

    5. general building height and areas

    6. types of construction

    10. means of egress (i.e. access, exit and discharge to public way)

    29. plumbing


    also suggested (?)


    7. fire and smoke protection features (max allowable openings vis-a-vis separation)

    8. interior finishes

    9. fire protection systems



    1. all information is compiled from notes from ballast 5.0. in some cases it was hard to determine if an item was a table or a section so based upon a search of IBC 2015 if there wasn’t a table then it is listed as a section.

    2. corrections or suggestions welcome. in at least one case (1106.1 for parking) it is unclear whether this was a reference to a table or a section or even why this item is in PDD/PPD. if it should be there it would be good to know. if it shouldn’t be there it would be good to know

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