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    Rosemarie Maxwell

    Hey Mitul,
    Thank you . Good luck on your next exam.

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    Aashti Miller

    Hi Mitul,

    Congrats on the CE pass! When you say "few wall sections and section details - know how to keep fire and water out of areas" I was wondering if you had any advice on the best resources to go over for that. The 5.0 Handbook doesn't mention any specific resources. I don't have several years of CA experience like many other people on the forum (who have said that experience is the only way to really answer these questions successfully). So I was wondering if you have any specific advice on how to go about studying for these?

    Thank you so much!

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    Mitulkumar Patel (Edited )


    I really don't know how to answer your question without getting into specifics, but its more of a common sense stuff.  Don't stress over it.  I would recommend looking over building construction illustrated, chapter about moisture and thermal protection.  If you can look at a section detail and see where fire sealant / water barrier should go, you will be fine.

    To be honest, there is no substitution for experience.  But from my exam experience, if you haven't had much of CA experience, i would recommend knowing how to read payapp, change order form, and invitation to bid form.  Know where to look for specific information (don't memorize the forms, just know where to find the info, and to be honest, if you can read you should be able to find what they are asking you to lookup, just being familiar with them may help you find it quicker).  Know what your duties are when you are no site (Hanahan does great job explaining this). Other then that, you should be able to judge how much of the work is done and what needs to be done by looking at pictures (honestly I don't know how you can study for this, maybe if you google pictures of buildings being constructed and try to fill out payapp for what percentage of work do you see is complete, pretending you the GC {kind of get a backwards experience} bright side is I only saw 1-2 questions like this).

    hope it helps,


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    Francis Pham

    Congrats on the pass Mitul!

    I just got my pass too. I used everything you did except for designer hacks. I would stress that it's good to go over practice questions just to get used to the situational questions. 

    As for details, I agree with Building construction illustrated. I would also look at Building Codes Illustrated ( look at foundation chapter). I also used Architectural Graphic Standards. 

    Thanks all for helping me pass this exam! 3rd time was a charm I guess.

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    Mitulkumar Patel

    Congrats Francis! tanks for the additional feed back, hopefully it will help others pass in fewer tries.  God knows we don't make nuff to be paying this much for an exam multiple times!

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    Devin Phillips

    I just got out of my CE exam and I got the "likely to pass" message.  I'm beyond relieved.  I had taken PcM 3 times before passing on my 4th attempt, I then passed PjM on my 2nd attempt and today I passed CE on my 1st try.  All three exams are related, so it helped to take them back to back to back.


    I'm going to echo what Patel said, he's spot on with his takeaway and advice.  Next up for me will be PA.

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    Natasha Graves

    Congrats to all the passes in this thread!

    I have passed PcM and PjM and am now on my last couple of weeks of studying for CE. Most of the information you all have tagged as crucial is so helpful and definitely where I have been focusing in on. In regards to the fee calculations, I see this mentioned in a few other posts but I am not sure what type of equations I should reference.. Do you suggest going back to chap 7 of AHPP as suggested for PcM/PjM?

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