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    Kurt Fanderclai


    Keep that momentum going.   In my opinion, your  "1 month study time, 2-3 hour a day" approach is a great basic study format for CE, PjM, PcM, and PA.   That is pretty much what I did. 

    Good Luck! 

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    Xiaofeng Zhang

    Congratulations on passing! And thank you very much for the study guide.

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    Aashti Miller


    Congrats on the CE pass! I was wondering if you had any advice on the best resources to go over for the construction details you mention. The 5.0 Handbook doesn't mention any specific resources. I don't have several years of CA experience like many other people on the forum (who have said that experience is the only way to really answer these questions successfully). So I was wondering if you have any specific advice on how to go about studying these?

    Thank you so much!

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    Jessica Fleming


    I am currently studying to the CE exam and also do not have much CA experience. I am using Building Construction Illustrated to better understand construction details. I can't say how much it helps because I haven't taken the test yet, but there is a whole chapter on moisture barriers, so hopefully that is helpful. A friend of mine had the 4th edition from school so I borrowed it...Maybe ask some of your architect friends or coworkers to see if they have a copy. 

    Best of luck!

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    Tatyana Aksamentova

    Hey Aashti

    I think Jessica is spot on with the recommendation above. 

    You can also take a quick look through this link. Really, the focus of the test is moisture/vapor penetration in different assemblies. I thought the link was helpful because they specifically call out where these barriers occur in different assemblies (although proprietary). Look through, and I bet you'll begin to get an understanding about this application regardless if the same detail popped up on the test. 


    Here's another link to a resource I've used since starting my education. Great resource for virtually all aspects of construction practices. Browse through the water penetration sections of walls; wood and masonry. 

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    Ramon Ramos


    There are some books mentioned in the Are 5.0 that may be able to help you with construction details.

    This includes Fundamentals of building Construction and Materials,

    Building Construction Principles, Materials, and Systems 2009, as well as the building codes illustrated book mentioned above.

    I don't want to overwhelm you and don't feel like you have to read all these books but other helpful books include...

    Architectural graphic standards

    Architects handbook of construction detailing. Available in the link below

    Architectural Detailing Function, Constructibility, Aesthetics, 3rd Edition

    Audel Complete Building Construction

    Francis DK Ching - Building Structures Illustrated - 2nd Ed

    Fundamentals of Residential Construction

    Those are just a few.





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    Rio Cielo Fama Velasco



    Belated congratulations on the CE pass! Just want to ask if the Contratcs that you stated in this post are still included in the ARE? Because I've read the NCARB's Matrix for the AIA Contratcs and some of the Contracts that you listed are not in the list. And also, if these are the new contracts? Just want to confirm about that! Thanks!

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    Peter Mall

    Tatyana has been providing these great, concise study guides to accompany the study material listed above (not to replace it). I sat for CE today after taking 4 weeks to study - read Ballast & AHPP portions on CE, SH lectures, AIA contacts (you need to know A201 inside and out), and the study guide above. I went in a little nervous due to some stories I've read on here. Questions were fairly straight forward, a few curveballs and calculations but I was able to make my way through. Took my 15 min break after the case studies. I was fairly pleased when reviewing through the entire exam, changed maybe 4/5 answers. I felt good about my responses, clicked forward to finish the exam, and received the "likely to pass" notification. However, when I was finished I still had over 60 mins left on the clock. This is the second time I've had much time left at completion. Has this happened to anyone else?

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