Looking for Amber PPD-PDD bundle feedback.



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    Robert Hott

    I just passed PPD last week and I'm taking PDD next week. I used a ton of sources, like jenny's notes, old 4.0 ballast books and 4.0 archiflash cards, FEMA, IBC, Ching books, but I thought the Amber book BDCS and BS videos and practice test were still a very helpful study tool, I didnt get the multi test bundle. I actually liked Amber book more than black spectacles videos for BS and BDCS, I'm also using thaddeus structures videos right now to study before my test. I got all my study materials for free through my office, but I would have bought Amber book, thaddeus and the flashcards anyways because videos and flashcards are convenient for me. The graphic portions of the PPD test are best prepared for by having actual real world experience drawing details but there were several questions I remembered from a amber book video. 

    Honestly the worst part of PPD was the case studies, they give SO MUCH extraneous info and so little time, familiarize yourself with IBC regarding construction type and occupancy groups, and chapters 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and how that impacts design. I feel like a lot of my other study materials didn't cover IBC well enough.  https://codes.iccsafe.org/public/document/toc/542/


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    Kelvin Haywood

    I just passed PPD and I did use the bundle, but after reviewing them, The videos are the same as 4.0... I transitioned after a few failed attempts at BS and SS. If you need some clarity AMber book is pretty good. But as Robert stated, i also used all my other study material. 


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