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    Scott Barber

    Hi Jaleela, sorry to hear about failing SPD :(  Hope you can use that as fuel to knock out PA soon!

    I passed PA a few weeks ago and wrote a post about it, but I actually found the most useful source for this was Ballast. I didn't find Ballast very useful for PPD and PDD, but the books in the ARE Handbook for PA weren't as good as I was expecting. Problem Seeking was somewhat useful for programming, but it seemed very light and I already felt comfortable with that content. SPDH seemed overly detailed and was hard to read, personally. I didn't read Sun, Wind & Light but I know others have found it useful. 
    The Architect's Studio Companion might be helpful for PA...I studied it for PPD but looking at the table of contents it seems like some of it might be useful for site design. And if you're taking PPD later it's a must have for that exam.

    I will say that PA has caused an issue for time for a lot of people. I went into the exam thinking that, and was able to finish with time to spare due to working more quickly, but I think I'm a faster test-taker in general. Just something to keep in mind, in case you haven't seen that mentioned elsewhere. 

    Good luck with PA, you can do it!! 

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    Jaleela Rubab (Edited )

    Thanks for your detailed reply.Yes i was so depressed and wanted to use that positively so I scheduled it already for 2nd week of June.I have been comfortable with Ballast for ARE do you think Ballast 4.0 review manual would work if i would study both PPP and SPD section?
    Second question is that i saw in demo exam the above tabs for structure,electrical etc having formulas and calculation related things would those stuff would be for PA or for other exams?

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    Scott Barber

    I studied from Ballast 5.0 but from what others have said it does sound like the 4.0 and 5.0 Ballast content is similar, it's just reorganized based on the new sections. I haven't personally compared the two but I think it could work fine. 

    Those formulas are available in every exam, but you most likely won't need to use any of them for PA. I think those are more tailored to PPD and PDD in general. From what I remember, aside from basic math (converting units, low-level algebra/geometry) most calculation questions will include a formula in the problem itself, if you need one. I would be familiar with what formulas are available for reference just in case, but I don't think it's necessary to spend a lot of time studying those, especially for PA.

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    Jaleela Rubab

    Thanks for taking time out.Appreciate it.

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