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    Scott Barber

    Hey William,

    I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, but I'll stand by what I said. I'm sure my statement isn't 100% true in every situation, but in the context of the other conversation, I don't think it was an inaccurate generalization to make.

    Throughout the entire process to get licensed, NCARB is evaluating the education and experience we're gaining elsewhere. Through the AXP, they are not educating us, our job and the work we do every day is. NCARB is ensuring that we gain experience in each of the areas but they are not the ones working with us every day. 

    Check out this link where NCARB discusses their role. Their mission is to "Protect the public health, safety, and welfare by leading the regulation of the practice of architecture through the development and application of standards for licensure and credentialing of architects."   They accomplish that by facilitating licensure, fostering collaboration, and centralizing credential data. Nothing in that article discusses the act of educating future architects. 

    The development of the videos and sample questions are not to educate us in the content, but prepare us for the format of the exam. If you read through the blog posts NCARB has created I think it's fairly clear that they want you to know what to expect on the exams, and they provided a list of answers to the question of why they don't create more sample questions beforehand. You may disagree, but they have answered the question and it's logical to me (even if personally I would like more sample questions).  The sample questions are not meant to serve as a guide for all the content on the exam, but a guide to the format of questions and wording of the exam. The ARE Handbook is the guide to help us know the content we need to understand.


    Feel free to continue this discussion with others, but I'm probably not going to be very involved in the discussion from this point on. It's not really productive to me taking these exams and, while it's potentially an interesting conversation, it's not something I'm interested in having over the internet or allowing it to distract from what I'm trying to do at work or in life. 

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    Kurt Fanderclai

    William, Scott's post accurately points out that your premise is incorrect.  He's also accurately suggests that the topic is unproductive to those taking the exams.  

    I would encourage you to shift your focus and energies toward taking your first exam.     

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    Darguin Fortuna

    Hello everyone,

    Let the man speak his mind. These types of topics are the things millions think about but never express it. This actually enriches the process while it also shakes things up. Its intents are to understand NCARB's decisions about supporting prep providers such as Black Spectacles and so forth, we are their clients and future clients for life actually if you want the awesome NCARB title next to your name. We have a say and our thoughts are critical. All of your comments are critical to the process. Just my humble 2 cents.

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    William May

    Thanks Scott, I do disagree, but that's the beauty of the General Discussion section, we all get to say what we think.

    Kurt, either offer something to the discussion or don't respond.

    Darguin - you nailed it, thanks for commenting.

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    I think for 50% of us, If you want this your gonna pay for it. For example, I started taking the ARE's in 2011 and passed 2 of them, then the economy hit my firm and as a result I was laid off and had to cut back. Needless to say times were tight and I couldn't afford to take the exams. Well It wasn't until late 2014 I got back into another architecture firm and started taking them but I couldn't finish them before the 5 year rolling clock hit me and I lost those 2, which really hurt! When 5.0 came around I got on that band wagon (regretfully) because of the gift cards and the testing incentives but I came to find this exam to be more cumbersome than 4.0 - (better the devil ya know). I think theres a money making element here for NCARB, for example, when my boss was taking the ARE's in the early 2000's there was no 5 year rolling clock, and he admitted to me it took him 8 years to complete. I think it's unfair that we have to now deal with these new constraints and there's really no reason to me as to WHY they do this other than get more money out of a candidate. Thats my take on it in a nutshell.

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    Kurt Fanderclai

    Darguin, Scott pointed out exactly why William's premise was incorrect, and there is nothing with which William can "disagree".  

    'Speaking your mind" is a wonderful right;  at the same time, conveying misinformation is of little productive use to anyone.  Attempting to continue to convey misinformation when already proven wrong has no place on any forum.  Calling it a "discussion" is then a misnomer.

    William -- I would really encourage you to concentrate on forward progress.  Your current direction is not going to lead anywhere.  Of course, no one posting here is 100% thrilled with very single aspect of the ARE.  However, while changes can be suggested to and possibly implemented by NCARB regarding the exam, for those currently taking -- or are about to take -- the ARE -- none of those changes can possibly effect the current ARE format that they will experience.  In other words, for you, William, the ARE is what it is, and you will need to come to terms with that fact.  Once you've completed the ARE, you then have an informed platform from which to attempt to influence future versions of the ARE if you so choose. 

    For now -- get productive -- choose an exam and study for it.  Ask substantive questions in that exam's forum division.  Others -- including me -- will gladly help you out once you engage in the testing process.

    Until that happens, I need to cut you loose. 

    Good luck, William.  


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    William May

    Gee really, you need to cut me loose?  Win-Win as I see it.

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