ADA Shower room bench amount and locations



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    David Kaplan

    Yes.  You can use ANSI A117.1, Chapter 9 Built-in Furnishings and Equipment, Section 903 Benches.  There's diagrams there that show the requirements for an accessible ADA bench. 

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    LU HAN (Edited )


    thanks for the response. I read 903 and it seems it's only telling me the sizes of the benches. But I wonder when given the user numbers, do I need to decide a bench %? 


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    David Kaplan (Edited )

    Ah, I see what you mean now.  In Section 803 "Dressing, Fitting, and Locker Rooms" of ADAAG it says this:

    803.4 Benches.  A bench complying with 903 shall be provided within the room.

    Note that it says "a" bench - meaning one.  This is what our office has traditionally done as well in the many locker rooms that we've completed.  As long as you have one bench you should be good. 

    The only percentage that I'm aware of applying to locker rooms is the number of accessible lockers, which is 5% but not less than one. 


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    LU HAN

    ah thanks so much! this is good to know!


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    Benjamin Norkin (Edited )


    I think this might be a little too deep into the ADA for PA. Can't hurt to know, but what you should focus on and have down cold is accessible route stuff, see Chapter 4:

    Things like hallway widths, ramp slopes, clearances around and in front of doors

    Parking and handrail stuff from Chapter 5:

    And clear space, obstructions and turning areas in Chapter 3:

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    LU HAN

    Thanks Benjamin! Will certainly check out those areas. 

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