General Discussion - Why have a General Discussion section if you can carry on a general discussion?



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    Ryan NCARB


    There is a very big difference between censoring and closing threads that are derailing the entire community.  The first would include deleting threads entirely and banning users -- something we have absolutely not done!

    If you wish to engage in banter, then there are other more appropriate sites.  This community is intended for those that are actively trying to pursue licensure and helps others along the way.

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    William May


    If monitors close threads when people are discussing things, how is that derailing the entire community?

    We might not all agree on things but there was no derailing?  I posted my question in the General Discussion, and that is what people were doing.  Banter and General Discussion are the same thing are they not?

    and so you know, I AM trying to pursue licensure AND help others. 

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    William May

    I've worked for licensed architects for over 18 years.  I've completed 5,600 hours in IDP.  I've busted my butt and Still working toward licensure, let there not be any mistake, I AM pursuing licensure.

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