rolling clock and transition from 4.0 to 5.0.



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    Ryan NCARB

    Hi Wendy,

    To answer your two questions...

    1.) No, you do NOT have to wait 60 days to begin testing once you transition to ARE 5.0.

    2.) The expiration of your SD exam in September will have no impact on your transition.  You will receive credits in ARE 5.0 for the ARE 4.0 divisions of CDS, PPP, and SPD.  As long as none of those "roll off," then you will just need to pass PPD and PDD in ARE 5.0.

    Hope this helps!  You can always call NCARB Customer Service and they can walk you through any other individual questions you may have.

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    Zhe Sun

    Thank you Ryan. Quite appreciate it. 


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