"minimum design loads for buildings and other structures (7 - 10)"?



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    Julie Jacob

    I didn't find this book useful. I never read it although I had a copy of it and still passed.

    Good luck!

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    Jonathan Chertok

    bought it and send it back in time for a refund fortunately. if anyone figures out why this is a reference i would be curious just for academic reasons. it appears to be a recommended resource external to the matrix which makes it appear important.

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    Arthur Molinari

    I wanted to use this resource for studying, but it is too big, and not motivating. To me, that's bad enough to kick it off the study guide list. The only time I used this book was when I worked for a civil engineer. That lasted 6 months, and I took myself back to an architectural office. The experience was great, but as an aspiring Architect, I'll stick to what we do, and just consult with the engineers (while having a good understanding of what they do). 

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