Resources for Project Cost + Budgeting?



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    Daniel Cancilla

    Hi Shaun,

    I share your sentiments exactly. I retook PPD yesterday after failing the Codes and Cost sections previously. I felt pretty good going into the test because I had spent the last six weeks studying the sections that I failed. I was only a few questions in when I realized I was pretty unprepared to answer the costing/budgeting questions. I’d focused on calculations, cost take-offs, and life cycle calcs. The test seemed to question concepts and estimate types. I did my best to guess on these questions, but do not have a lot of confidence that I passed this section.

    I am planning to look at the AHPP book if/when I study for this test again. The questions I saw seemed to be “best practices” type of scenarios that would be outlined in AHPP, which might make sense since I didn’t use that resource to prepare for PPD.

    I’ll be following this thread in hopes that some others chime in. Thanks!

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    J. Carlos (Edited )
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    Shaun Skoog


    It sounds like we had near-identical experiences - glad to know I'm not alone! I actually browsed AHPP before my exam, but unfortunately they only dedicate 1-2 throwaway paragraphs to topics like life-cycle costing.

    I was doing a little digging last night, and I found this resource that breaks down the effect of various design decisions on building cost:

    It's from a group based out of South Africa, but I believe the overall concepts they discuss are still relevant to the types of questions asked by the PPD exam.



    I appreciate the link, but unfortunately I followed David's advice and found myself wholly unprepared for the types of questions asked in the PPD exam. As I mentioned in my first post, it seems as though the Cost + Budgeting examples offered in the handbook are more relevant to the PDD exam.

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    Mark Diethelm

    What is the AHPP Book?

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    Daniel Cancilla

    AHPP = The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice

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