PP&D - Induction heating



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    Elif Elise Kandiyoti

    Did you check "Heating, Cooling and Lighting" book by Norbert Lechner? He explains so well. It is an air -water system. It uses a small amount of high-velocity air, 90% from the room, %10 fresh air.  

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    Anton Gross

    I just order it from thrift book online so it won't cost too much. Seems like a similar book to ACS, but hopefully it will clarify some of the Mechanical systems. I feel like I understand them but sometimes the language throws me off a bit. Also the diagrams look sooo similar for many different systems and if they don't label a couple parts the same diagram could be for numerous systems I feel. At least I think that from ACS. Thanks for the assistance Elif. Any other sources or online sites? Videos tutorials, etc? I appreciate the heads up.


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