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    Jessica Elliott

    Hey David,

    I would review a general study guide, like Ballast, Brightwood, etc. and then focus in on a few other topics, like mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural systems, lighting, and seismic/wind, etc. with other resources that you've mentioned. I would also suggest looking ahead to the PDD materials or to review your notes for that as there seems to be a lot of overlap.

    These exams are so comprehensive it's hard to say what to focus on, but I've found that answering multiple choice exams helps me discover what I don't know enough about yet.

    Good luck! 

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    Scott Barber

    Hey David!

    Sounds like you have all the right materials, in my opinion!

    I'd agree with Jessica - I started with Ballast and then moved to the "primary" sources. I don't think Ballast was the most useful for the PDD/PPD combo, but it's good to cover the basics at the beginning (or refresh at the end) of your studying. 

    After that I don't think the order makes a big difference, but the most useful books for me were ASC (hands down, the best book for PPD and worth every minute you invest in it), then Building Construction Illustrated, then Building Codes Illustrated (I didn't read this as much, only skimmed/read a few things if I didn't understand parts of the IBC). 

    If I were to go back, I would read Ballast (somewhat quickly, touching on main ideas), then read ASC, then BCI (construction) and then re-read those and read BCI (codes) to focus on what I was weak on. When I read through books the first time, I add bookmarks for sections I need to understand better. Then as I re-read I focus on those bookmarks and remove them as I feel comfortable, so it helps me keep track and see progress. That's just what I found useful, but I know others take notes more or make notecards - just find what works for you!

    Good luck!

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    David Kaplan

    Agree with others above - would also include FEMA 454 - Chapters 4 and 5.  Great resource for understanding earthquake design.

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    David Jones

    Great, thank you all for your input!

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