Gate Valve? vs Check Valve



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    Benjamin Marcionek

    I believe a gate valve is typically used to shut off water to something for maintenance. It takes longer to close compared to a globe valve (typ. for faucets). And a check valve is typically to prevent water from backing up into the municipal water supply etc.

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    Elif Elise Kandiyoti

    Hi Jingyu, 

    Both sides of a recirculation pump , there should be shut off valves which means number 2 and 3 should be gate valves.  Just before entering the water tank, you need a check valve which is number 4. 

    I hope it helps 

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    Jingyu Lee

    Elif and Benjamin, 

    Thank you so much for your explanations. I finally know why number 2 and 3 needed to be gate valve because of a recirculation pump!

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    Elif Elise Kandiyoti


    Valves can be really complicated sometimes. Graphics Standards also talks about pumps, but I am not sure how much we should know about them.   

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    Is the valve at number 1 also a gate valve?

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