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    Scott Barber

    Hi Jonathan, glad you came across those docs from Narmour Wright - I have them saved as well and hope they are useful/accurate for when I start taking PcM and PjM, which is AHPP is much more helpful for. 

    I don't have a direct answer, but I'll tell you that I didn't study AHPP at all for PPD or PDD. I don't think it's relevant for these exams, but if you have it, you can flip through and see what those case studies cover. But I don't think I've seen anyone (out of dozens of posts and comments here and elsewhere) that listed AHPP as a book they studied for either exam. It seems it will be essential for PcM and PjM and maybe CE (I haven't started studying for these yet), but for PPD, PDD, and PA it's not going to be very important. 


    Also: I saw you posted twice about this and twice about another question recently - not sure if a new post is created if you "edit" the first one, or if you accidentally created duplicate posts. But I think just having one post will help focus comments and enable feedback to happen all in one place. Just a heads up in case it was unintentional.

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    Jonathan Chertok

    hi scott,
    thanks so much for your help. sort of an intensive effort here to get up to speed on 5.0 after coming from 4.
    i /really/ appreciate your input.
    do you mind if i ask a couple of follow ups (some slightly off topic)? it’s quite helpful. i chunked though the general forum and will be going back to go through PDD and PPD forums more in depth.
    sounds like i can rule out AHPP for PPD/PDD.
    i posted this question in PPD and in PDD forums in case there was a different answer on this for one or the other exams. ideally i want to have a LIST of materials for myself as i start so i can work through it methodically.
    1. do you think this is redundant and i should just post in or the other forum for this type of question?
    2. i seem to have a problem in iOS in /editing/ my posts. but i can’t tell if this is a general issue or something specific on my end. basically the cursor won’t get me where i need to edit which is sort of annoying so i just keep trying to do this or i create a reply since i can’t edit. basically the cursor does not “register” in some coherent way when i use the edit tool.
    3. is there a way to “tag” a particularly helpful poster in the forum if i was trying to get someone’s attention? i could do this in google+ but not sure if this is possible here.
    THANK YOU for the great help.
    - jon

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    Jonathan Chertok

    also, just to be clear - the questions (specifically about ballast and AHPP) came up because the study group i went to was going through multiple choice questions from third party study materials and a large number of these seemed to NOT be applicable to PPD or PDD even though the third party study material was for PPD and none of the listed primary source materials seemed to cover these questions - if that makes sense.
    so it was confusing as to whether this was material i should be covering...

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    Scott Barber

    Hi Jonathan, happy to share any input I can. I do apologize, I didn't realize you were posting under PDD and PPD. I have notifications turned on for both and so I got two emails and saw the same post but didn't pay close enough attention to realize they were under separate topics. 

    1. It seems to me that people who are active on this forum for PPD and PDD are looking at both, but I'm sure that isn't always the case. I think I remember seeing a post that was under one of the exams but was asking a question about both, but it wouldn't hurt to post on both topic pages if you feel the need to. I would keep in mind that for these two exams, you'll likely get similar answers.
    Personally I often get these two exams mixed up on the forum (as demonstrated by my confusion of your two posts), because I studied for them together and there's so much overlap. However, they are different exams and a lot of people keep them very separate in their mind. 

    I guess to answer your question: it's up to you. It's likely that the more active users would see it on both and you may get similar feedback, but that's probably an oversimplification. Wouldn't hurt to post on both and I'll just try to keep things straight on my end, haha. 

    2. I've only edited a post once and haven't tried to since then...I edited it twice in the span of a minute (just noticed a typo or something that I tried to change quickly) and as a result it was "Pending Approval" for a couple hours. So I haven't tried to edit since then, and can't really answer your question. I don't remember having issues but I'm on Windows here.

    3. I don't know of any way to tag people in a post. Could be a good idea (with the option for each person to turn off emails for being tagged), but maybe it wasn't considered or they were concerned it would be abused and an annoyance if someone kept getting tagged. 
    I also wished you could send people private/separate messages, too. There have been a couple comments that turned into non-relevant conversations (found a guy I went to school with and we commented back and forth a bit before sending messages through Facebook or email) but there's not a way to do that.

    To answer your concern about the questions that came up during the study group - some of that info might be good to know in general, but for these exams if they're not under the content areas listed in the ARE Handbook I wouldn't worry about them. A lot of "5.0" study resources are just re-shuffled from 4.0, and there are a lot of differences. 
    From my understanding, NCARB uses the primary sources to create the questions that show up on the exams - so if it's not covered in any of the primary sources it shouldn't be on the exams. I even had a few diagrams on PPD that I saw in a primary source (I think - it was very, very similar graphically if not identical).

    In response to your comment about having a list of materials to work through methodically - that was my idea as well. That's why when I start studying for an exam, I read through all the forum posts on here and see where there's common ground and identify the most important resources. Joe Bagodonuts may have studied The Art of Building taught by the sacred monks of Mongolia with secrets passed down and protected for generations...but if no one else says they studied it I would rule it out from my list. I would write down each reference that was mentioned, and add a check mark next to it if someone else said it was helpful. That way after I read through all the forum posts I could see that The Architect's Studio Companion was more important for PPD than MEEB
    It doesn't hurt to ask for clarification for specific resources (like here for AHPP), but for PPD and PDD there seems to be a good collection of feedback that outlines what most people are studying for these exams. 
    There doesn't seem to be as much out there for the other 4, but it'll grow over time (PPD and PDD have the most since a lot of people did the 3 + 2 transition from 4.0).

    Hope that helps!

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    Jonathan Chertok

    thanks a LOT scott.

    hopefully i can repay the favor or at a minimum “pay it forward”.

    this actually is quite interesting and extremely helpful:
    “From my understanding, NCARB uses the primary sources to create the questions that show up on the exams - so if it's not covered in any of the primary sources it shouldn't be on the exams.“

    it is how i had hoped to study for 5. so, just to be a little over-definitive (and partly b/c 4.0 was so confusing in this respect) - is there a general consensus that studying (i.e. reading) the listed “primary” references in the handbook for each exam is in and of itself sufficient for testing? i mean, with the caveat of viewing the various videos and documentation provided to accompany the handbook?
    and that studying the primary resources in the “reference matrix” type layout elsewhere might be overkill?
    also - i just realized - is there s way to post images to the forum?

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    Scott Barber

    To clarify, when I said "primary sources" I meant all those included in the Handbook, including those in the 'Reference Matrix.' It seems that the ones listed in the specific exam section are the most important based on my experience, but I would assume if they were included in the Handbook anywhere they could have been used to create the exam content. 
    Also: I could be wrong about that, but I thought I read it somewhere about content coming from the sources in the ARE Handbook.

    Is studying the references in the Handbook enough? Absolutely. I read Ballast and AEP, but I don't think they added anything that I didn't read elsewhere. I think I still would have passed if I hadn't read Ballast or AEP, and only read what I listed in my posts about PDD and PPD. 
    I think I've said this elsewhere (and maybe it was a comment on one of your posts) but my impression is that the resources listed at the end of each exam (within that section) are where you should spend most of your time. If you need more help understanding a concept or need to go more in-depth, the sources in the 'Reference Matrix' at the end of the ARE Handbook will get you further along. I did watch a couple videos (while doing the dishes, so I probably didn't retain too much) from NCARB about the exams, but I didn't really use those for studying, just for understanding the exams and case studies a little more.

    There are ways to post images, I think I've done it once but it wasn't too difficult.

    I would still encourage you to read what others have studied and use that to guide your list of study material. MEEB, Building Structures, and Fundamentals of Building Construction are listed at the end of the PPD section but I didn't study them. MEEB was overkill (and ASC is a much more appropriate resource), I didn't read the other two (probably because I didn't have access to it or didn't have it in the budget to buy them). I have seen others suggest those last two books when studying - I just didn't read them.

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    Jonathan Chertok

    THANKS scott.
    apologies if i repeated any questions or missed anything. getting up to speed takes some time.
    can i just ask you where you are at with PDD and PPD? studying? tested? passed? seems there are some “debriefings” from others that passed but i guess it helps to know when planning the battle...
    again most appreciate the kindness in helping me continue to get a strategy together.

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    Scott Barber

    Hi Jonathan, no problem. Happy to help in any way I can.

    I passed PDD on 1/22 and passed PPD on 2/5.
    I'm currently studying for PA, though I haven't been as consistent with my studying as I was with the first two. Deadlines and life have been a little more complicated. But I'm testing for PA next Thursday and if I pass, I'll schedule at least PcM and PjM close together and maybe CE along with them within the next couple months.

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    Jonathan Chertok

    thanks man. always nice to discuss with a prior tester.
    keep on keepin’ on. it sounds like you’re making good progress.
    gotta just roll with the punches...

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    Jason Ruby

    Hi Jonathan,

    Have you settled on your list of ARE 5.0 study materials?

    The conversation with Scott above is very helpful.  I have been researching what to study for 5.0 as well- I seem to be right behind you in the ARE process (just took SPD last weekend, and if results are favorable I will only have PPD and PDD remaining).

    For the 4.0, I relied almost exclusively on third party materials such as Brightwood (Kaplan) Study Guides and Q&A, Architect Exam Prep, and Archiflash.  It seems almost universal that people recommend not relying on third party materials for the 5.0 at this point, and instead encourage studying the NCARB resources directly.  I tended to learn quite well from the Q&A format of the third party study materials, and am curious if you are considering using any in addition to the NCARB resources (and perhaps the ASC).

    Your posts that I came across in the 4.0 Google + forum were also helpful.  I can tell you are very thorough, so I am curious how your approach is shaping up.

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    Jonathan Chertok

    hi jason!
    thanks for the post but also for the really nice comments. they’re really welcome actually. being nice on the internet i find really important but i honestly find this process to be so depressing it is sometimes hard to stay motivated. i /thought/ clearing 4.0 would result in a relief but i’ve found it to be a burden just getting starting in 5.0 (bummer).
    so, i just did a hand written list that is basically a clone of the exam guide references and also a couple books from the “matrix”. i can post this this week. i ordered a lot of books and at least one seems very unnecessary.
    i am doing ballast 5.0.
    also hoping to put together a list of mission critical URL’s and links as a summary. these seem spread out throughout the forum which means i have to spend the time to collate them
    i’m sure i am not answering your question in full but maybe a how do you do so we can keep the conversation going?
    regarding AHPP i don’t think therenisnanythingnof significance for PPD or PDD at least from the references i saw...!

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    Jason Ruby

    Hi Jon,

    Haha, yeah the climate here is much warmer than the comments section in YouTube.  I appreciate you leaving a trail of what you have encountered while preparing for and taking the ARE so that others may benefit.  Looking forward to seeing your list of important study materials to focus on.  Have you scheduled your next exam?

    I'm working on my list and will soon start to take a closer look into the NCARB references to see specifically which portions are most relevant to study for PPD.  Perhaps we can trade notes on which chapters of which books to target, as I'm pretty sure making it through the 1000's of pages in all the references is unfeasible/ unnecessary.  An architect I know who recently completed the exams mentioned that she went through the NCARB references specifically scanning for content that matched the Objectives in the NCARB Guides, and focused her attention there.

    She also mentioned being caught off-guard by questions regarding electrical content, such as how many phase electricity would be needed for a particular kind of building, and being able to identify electrical symbols.  In scanning the forum here, a number of people mentioned being surprised by questions related to Ponds, but I am unsure specifically what they are referring to.  More research needed...

    Catch up with you later.

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    Jonathan Chertok

    let’s stay in touch. i hate having to create a list of study material from scratch and i find it dumb to read a whole 1000 page book if i’m just going to be tested on three or four chapters.
    i’d really like a list with url’s that link to the blog pages and videos that i need to review. it’s a pita to also search for this.
    hit me up on gmail. jamesotten2018. it’d be good to have someone to help collate a list. plus we could leave it for others.
    short answer to your question is i will be doing ballast and reading the “primary resources”. also, i need to sit down and chunk through PPD and PDD forums. i got through the General forum but something got me distracted and i just haven’t had the mojo to crank through it yet.

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    Jonathan Chertok

    so - on this AHPP question it looks like the answer is next to nothing. apparently one page is referenced...


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