PPD Fail - Had Issues with Codes & Regulations



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    Scott Barber

    Hi Grace, sorry to hear about your fail for PPD :(  the test is definitely difficult and covers a lot of info. There are some good posts on this forum about study resources and approaches, but here's my brief two cents:

    In my experience and from what I've seen others say, Ballast isn't quite enough to get there for PPD and PDD. I found the best resources for PPD to be The Architect's Studio Companion, Building Codes Illustrated (which is probably a good place to start if you were low on Codes & Regulations), and Building Construction Illustrated. There are a number of others that I read while I was studying for these two exams, but I think those were most relevant for PPD. 

    It's a challenge studying for these and knowing what will show up on the exam, but I found the ARE Handbook to be an accurate description of what I saw. Hopefully now that you've taken PPD you know more of what to expect next time around and can use your experience to your advantage. 

    You're getting close - I hope you can stay motivated for these final two! They're tough, but you can do it. Good luck!

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    Grace Hall

    Thanks Scott! 

    I purchased the ASC, Building Codes Illustrated and Building Construction Illustrated; and will focus my efforts there.

    I appreciate your advice! 

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    Kurt Fanderclai (Edited )

     Hi Grace --

    I agree with everything Scott said -- there are also some PPD post-exam write-ups that people put together that you might read through -- also note that PPD does sort of follow closely on the heels of PA -- some of the lingo and concepts of PA find their way into PPD.  (Sounds like you transitioned from 4.0?  In which case, my last comment won't make much sense...so, whatever programming and analysis concepts were called in 4.0.) 

    "I am tired of playing the game of "what is on the test" rather than spending my time focusing on actually absorbing the material." 

    Really smart statement.  I really think that's the right idea.   I essentially studied the 5.0 handbook materials almost exclusively on all 6 of the 5.0 exams -- plus there has been a lot of agreement among candidates on adding the ASC into that mix -- it's not listed inn the handbook, but it's such a great resource. 

    I think the third-party materials can be a dead-end for many reasons.  I definitely cringe at the increasing number of threads where candidates are teaming up to buy them to get some sort of "discount".  But hey, whatever blows your hair back.

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    Grace Hall (Edited )

    Thanks Kurt, 

    I have been following the 5.0 route and passed P&A right before Christmas. It's odd to say but for PcM, PjM, P&A and C&E Ballast served me pretty well. I studied them to death though. The books are so marked up I would be ashamed to sell them after I'm finished with them. Although, a change in strategy is called for with PPD. There was just so much material in the exam that was not covered in Ballast or Black Spectacles. 

    Here's to round two with PPD in 60 days! If it was easy everyone would be an architect. 

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