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    Michelle Gonzales

    Thanks for your write-up, Charles - it’s quite helpful to those in a time crunch like myself. Congrats for finishing!

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    Charles Green

    Good luck Michelle! You can do it!

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    Colin Lumsden

    Congrats Charles! Was there a lot of structural calculation questions ? and did you intentionally skip any questions you thought wasn't worth it.  

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    Jane Wan

    Congrats Charles, this is the best outcome! Can I ask you if there is one or two things you did differently for your third attempt what would that be? I am in the same situation like yours, I am going to take this test for the third time and I really hope I will pass and not need to wait for the running year to be over. I am considering between Black Spectacles and Amber lectures but unsure if either is worth the money. 

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    Charles Green

    ThanksColin! There weren't many calculation questions. I think understanding structural concepts and basic calculations are sufficient. Some of the basic Ballast 5.0 examples and the DesignerHacks practice exams were really the only calculations I studied.  

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    Colin Lumsden

    Charles Thanks! did you employ the strategy to skip seemingly long questions that require extensive calculations?

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    Charles Green

    Colin,  I gave a good stab at the question and if it took too much time I moved on. 

    In general here was my test taking strategy for the last time I took the exam.

    1. I did the case study questions first since the first time I took the exams I almost ran out of time on the case studies. This is also helpful because it let's you see what resources you have available. 

    2. Then began the exam at question 1 and just work through it to the end.
    a. Try to limit each question to two minutes max.
    b. Read the question two or three times until you actually understand what it is asking
    c. If a calculation is required make a good attempt at it once quickly.
    d. Look for the answer that you think is best, select it and move on.
    e. If you are not sure, pick the one you think is best, flag the question and move on
    f. Never leave a question blank! A blank question is wrong 100% of the time, even a
    guess has a better chance.
    g. If one of the questions asks about a topic in one of the Case Study References take a
    good stab at answering it and then flag it for review so that you can double check it
    at the end. Don’t waste time trying to jump back and forth now.
    h. Once you have moved on pretend that question doesn’t exist anymore. It’s only
    worth one point don’t double think it. You should be focusing all your attention on
    the next question now.

    3. Once you have answered all questions, including the case studies, use the “Review all
    Flagged” to review only the ones you weren’t sure about.
    a. If you are still completely stumped just unflag it and move on
    b. If there is one that you want to check against a reference in the case study do that
    c. If you think you can answer it but just needed more time to figure it out then do
    these last
    d. Repeat this process until you run out of time or have already reviewed all the ones
    you think you will be able to answer.

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    Charles Green

    Hi Jane,

    The main thing I did differently this time was keep track of time and made sure I had time to review questions that I marked.

    Other things I found helpful were doing the case studies first because they are more intensive to answer vs the multiple choice questions.

    Another helpful tip I read from another post on this forum was to stay zoomed in at 60 or 80% for the documents given in the case. Doing this and using the hand tool to drag around the document does save time and makes navigating the slow to load documents a little better!

    Best of luck!!

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    Colin Lumsden

    Charles thanks for the recommendations,I truly appreciate this.

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    Charles Green

    Not a problem at all! Best of luck on the exam :)

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