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    Kelly Haines

    Typically I have found the resources on the majority of the exam to be very limited and the last time I took it yesterday 2/13/2018 the resource material didn't match the content in regards to questions asked.  Since much of this information would be discussed with other engineering disciplines during coordination meetings I'm not sure how much total value the in depth calculations have. 

    The only other thing that you need to be ready for is a very inept resource catalog for the case studies.  Please factor in most of your time into just navigating the sheets as many of the notes are really small that make a difference in how you would answer the questions.  I would rather have a bench-top paper set than the computer one presented. Can these be referenced more thoroughly in the practice exams so that while studying the testers get a realistic representation of what they will be up against please.

    My entire day job at current time is doing QA/QC reviews and then doing funding level(unit cost) estimates on the construction for reference.  

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    Jonathan Chertok (Edited )

    hi kelly
    without giving anything away can you qualify or clarify what problems you had with the case study references?
    i just took the practice exam. anysuggestions on strategically tackling these?
    right now the plan is to take take “fast notes” on the program so i will have something i can see when doing the questions. code and geotechnical (in the case of the online exam i will ignore temporarily).
    but i can see i am going to have a problem with doing any kind of “planimetric relationship puzzles” just because the puzzle aspect is sort of irregular and hard to follow but also trying to take notes on this and correlate it is going to be a challenge.
    also, the question on required parking did not seem to have any correlation between the program name of the building and anything i could find regarding building types in the zoning tab. the former was manageable in a kick the can sort of way but the latter felt like i could search all afternoon and not figure it out.
    also, i’m definitely paper oriented so i am going to have a battle with not being able to see the question and the references at the same time. if i recollect correctly i can move the question window but i can’t resize it.
    anyway, tips for me and the lurkers would be welcome if you are still around!

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