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    Ryan NCARB

    Hey Alicia,

    One thing we have been recommending is to use the ARE 5.0 Handbook to structure your testing.  Spend more time on the areas that you aren't as comfortable with and less time on areas you have more experience.  Don't read all of the resources, but find the chapters and sections that are for specific topics.

    Hope this helps.  What do others on here recommend??

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    Alicia Bernardo

    Thank you, Ryan.

    Exactly what I have been doing.  I wish more people had some insight!

    I know 5.0 is taking a different approach than the 4.0 exams, but in your opinion, would the 4.0 Kaplan Construction Documents and Services study guide being of any use?  I find the information very helpful in general, but do not want to waste critical time reading information that you feel will not serve the purpose of the Construction and Evaluation exam in 5.0.

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    Ryan NCARB

    Since in the credit model, ARE 4.0 CDS maps directly to ARE 5.0 CE, then yes, it would like be a good resource to use.  But again, I recommend using the ARE 5.0 Handbook to find the right section in Kaplan to study.

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