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    Darguin Fortuna

    Well said Alicia,

    I agree with Practice Management being very rushed in comparison with my Project Management exam. The case studies req. one to be familiar with the different references in order to accurately answer the questions but there just isnt enough time. For Practice management I guess all candidates should ask their principals at work to go through proposals and contracts with them and be familiar with how these items are structured so that the exam doesn't take them for surprise. Also looking at local zoning ordinances and being able to understand and navigate them will help. NCARB should increase the time for Practice Management in my opinion. Project management was perfect for me time wise. I am really fast and just like you Alicia in practice management I did not get to finish everything.

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    Daniel Spilman

    Thanks for letting us know Alicia! I'm scheduled to take Practice Management on 12/01 and will follow up with Project Management soon. Its really helpful to know what I should expect in terms of pacing myself through the exam. Hopefully NCARB will listen to the feedback from you and Darguin and consider adjustment. Doubtful any change will be made before 12/01. 

    Best of luck on your results! Thanks!

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    Susan Bruns

    I agree with Alicia 100%. I thought I was way ahead in terms of time until I reached the case studies. Good luck everyone!

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    Joanne Burch

    I agree...I just took PDD today and spent closer to 3-4 minutes per question. I didn't have time at the end case study so I had to do an educated guess on the last 11 questions without looking at the case study references. I really wished I had another 30-45 minutes. I'm hopeful the others don't have as many calculations to do!

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    Cristina Rodriguez (Edited )

    I took the test today and I agree with Alicia. When I looked at the clock, I had 7 min and I had not started the Case 2. I did not had time to read all the references of that second case study. The break of 15 min was just enough to go to the restroom after checking in and out.

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