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    Clifton Stuckey

    Thinking further, to add on to this question...

    The ARE 5.0 Guidebook says that "Remembering" is not part of ARE 5.0. Does that mean that any formula we would need to solve any problem will be provided to us (you know, like in real life where I can just look up a formula when I need it, but then again, in real life I can plug almost any structural problem or mechanical calculation into an online calculator, as well)? Or should I read "Understand" to include memorizing needed formulas?

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    ayesha AKHTAR

    Good question @clifton. I am curious to know as well if certain resources are available to us vs 'remembering' during the exam, just like in real life where we can look up formulas etc  

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    In the back of the ARE 5.0 Handbook there are sections on:

    -Resources Available While Testing

    -Typical Beam Nomenclature

    -Formulas Available While Testing

    -Common Abbreviations

    -ARE 5.0 Reference Matrix

    The ARE 5.0 Reference Matrix provides a comprehensive list of materials and publications used when
    developing items for each division of ARE 5.0.

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    Clifton Stuckey

    Good observations, Stepehen!

    Must have scrolled right past that, as I know I looked at the reference chart at the end.

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    Michelle NCARB

    Clifton and Ayesha,

    Be sure to click the "References" button in the Demonstration Exam.  That will open up the same window you'll see in the test center, so you can get used to how the formulas and beam diagrams will be available during your test.

    Stephen, thanks for highlighting the resources in the Handbook!

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    barry ballinger

    So that means, since centroid, moment of inertia, and truss reactions at specific members equations are not provided, we will not see problems where these calcs are necessary? That is, unless the equations are given in the problems?

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    Maya Ward-Karet

    Is there a PDF version of the resources provided on the demonstration exam?  Or any way to download the references provided so I can review them in concert with my other study materials?

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    Matthew Colianni


    Has NCARB published a pdf of the "References" in the Demonstration Exam. The items available while testing are valuable to candidates and many of these are not included in the ARE 5.0 Handbook.

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    Michelle NCARB

    Hi Matthew,

    Take another look at the Handbook - pages 154-161.  Due to copyright restrictions, we are not able to reprint the information from the Steel Construction Manual.  All other references are provided for you.

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    Johanna Glinsboeckel

    It's a shame that the AISC won't allow the selective reprint of the documents provided on the exam for ARE candidates (like the AIA has done with contract documents).  I'd like to review them at a larger scale than is possible on the trial exam but don't wish to buy yet another book.  


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    Chelsea Blanchard

    The references offered in the 5.0 practice exam cannot be printed? Why? Is this available somewhere? 

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