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    Kevin Griendling

    Hi James,

    Generally speaking, yes. It is mostly the same information as the professional version just with slightly less detail. The test reference documents do state the "latest edition" in some cases, and either 14th or 15th edition.

    If you are buying the book, the student edition should serve you well but it definitely won't hurt to have the professional version. Think of it this way, the exams are testing you on minimal qualifications to be an operational architect. To that I say, cast a wide and shallow net in your studies. You likely will not be asked many questions on what the specific tax advantages are for forming a corporation over a partnership in terms of dollar amounts, but you very well may encounter topics like whether or not the partner or board member files business taxes on their personal tax return or if the company files a separate return. The professional edition goes into a bit more detail on those dollar/percent specifics (disclaimer: always see a tax professional when making that kind of business decision).

    If you don't intend to purchase the book, you can likely find it at any university library or some AIA chapter offices. Many public libraries do not carry this kind of textbook. You will not be able to purchase it at a commercial book store like Barnes and Noble.

    Best of luck,


    Kevin Griendling

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