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    Kevin Griendling

    Hi Timon,

    You can see a longer explanation of exam taking strategy that myself and Michelle NCARB have chimed in on already at this link: 


    But to paraphrase specific to your question:

    "On the subject of ease/order of exams/which one to start with:

    Starting with an easy exam could mean a couple things. Would you define easy as an area you already have a lot of knowledge in, or one that is theoretically simple and linear of thought?

    Most folks I know suggest starting with either of the two. My blanket general suggestion is to follow the exam order in NCARB published materials, since they start at the highest level of Practice Management, and get into more and more detail as you progress, just like our project work flows do. This is the method I am preparing study materials for, and the one I would suggest to most people."


    It is a perfectly reasonable approach, but you may want to consider if you have elevated skill in certain areas, and whether or not you want to front-load the more difficult exams or just go linear regardless. In the 4.0 format I specifically held Schematic Design for my last exam since it had no questions and I could kick back and complete with less stress. It helped me mentally to know I had an easy finale.

    Good luck,

    Kevin Griendling, AIA


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    Timon Phillips (Edited )

    Thanks, Kevin! 


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