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    Joan NCARB

    All -- 

    Base on the rise in number of argumentative and pontificating posts we've seen over the past few days, I'll reiterate:

    We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to remove off-topic, out of context, spam, or any other content that we deem objectionable or to be a violation of any law.

    The posts that have been removed of late have either been severely off-topic or not contributing to the primary goal of this Community, which is to provide support to everyone who is currently testing or planning to take the ARE. It is not meant to be used to promote personal agendas.

    If you have any questions specific to a particular exam administration (technical issues, request for score verification, etc.), please reach out to NCARB customer service at or 202-879-0520.  To clarify, when a customer service team member encourages you to post on the Community, they are NOT directing you to post exam content.  They are suggesting you ask questions about general topics you may have encountered and need help with.  Remember, you are taking a professional licensure exam.  Not only do we intend to maintain the integrity of the exam by protecting it's content, we are not going to post correct answers to specific exam questions or endorse posting of specific exam questions and/or responses.

    The Candidate Agreement each candidate must agree to uphold prior to testing is published on page 22 of the ARE 5.0 Guidelines.  It is also presented to you at the beginning of every division of the ARE on which you test.  Please review the Candidate Agreement for specific information around your responsibility in maintaining the integrity of the ARE.  

    Thank you.


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