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    Elif Bayram

    Congratulations Nathan! Well done! This is a very helpful post! Thanks for sharing and good luck with PDD!

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    Rebekka O'Melia

    Congrats Nathan!

    Architects Studio Companion is really the best for this exam!  It's an easy read because it's mostly graphics/charts/etc.  I don't think video learning is it...  It's passive learning and if you are doing it right, it likely will take just as long (if not longer!) than reading.  I read ASC before taking PPD in about a week and half.  Video took me longer, because I kept pausing it to take notes (and ::hint hint:: you should be taking notes).

    And while it's definitely easier to pass the ARE before having children, that may be a luxury for many...  The average age of an ARE candidate is the same age that most women have children, if they have children.  And I could say the same for dads too.  So time management is huge.  Use lunch breaks, early mornings, etc.  Study every day until it's done.  Don't feel like you have to study for 2 hrs at a clip to accomplish something - you can study for 20 min and get thru one topic.  If you do that a couple times each day, you'll be good.  Don't keep rescheduling exams, pushing out your timeline.  Getting help is also hugely important.  If you have kids - get help with them!  Phone in grandma!  Sign them up for after-school enrichment.  Let the house get messier!  Order food!  And get quality study materials, books, and resources to help you pass.  Find a mentor.

    Hope this helps someone else.  And congrats again!



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