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    Ryan NCARB

    Hey Lucian,

    Yes, there will be an ARE 5.0 Demo Exam.  It will be launching later this month. The demo exam is intended to provide candidates an opportunity to practice the various item types and become familiar with navigating case studies and the new exam interface.  The demo exam will contain sample items for all five item types used on ARE 5.0 and use items from across all six divisions.

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    Joseph Vraspir

    Hi Ryan, so you are saying the demo exam will contain sample items from across all six divisions. Will there be any way to determine which division each question is from?

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    Ryan NCARB

    Joseph - within the demo exam, not really other than the topic.  For example, a question about project scheduling is from the Project Management division.  But it will not be marked Project Management in anyway.

    However, all of the correct responses and rationales/explanations are organized by division in the ARE 5.0 Handbook.

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    Juanita Vasquez-Armstrong


    I imagine once the Demo exam is ready, we will be notified via e-mail. Is that a correct assumption?


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