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    Cindy Maleike

    Big Congrats on your PPD passing, Lindsey! I'm a working mom with a toddler currently taking my exams so I feel your struggles big time! I started taking my exams after my kid was born so it's been a minute trying to get them under my belt... I used Amber Book to prep for PPD and PDD (my last 2 exams) and, same as you, I loved their animations and videos. I failed PPD a few weeks ago (by a small percentage) but passed PDD two weeks ago, and I think I wouldn't have passed it if it wasn't for the Amber Book materials. Last year I used Black Spectacles and the Site Planning and Design Handbook as my resources for PA and failed on the first try. So I gave the Hyperfine Architecture Course a try and I credited that course to my passing of PA on the second attempt. Hyperfine Architecture are assignments that helped me understand better many of the (dry and boring) concepts you see on the Site Planning and Design Handbook. I love Amber Book but if you feel you need that extra reinforcing I would highly recommend Hyperfine Architecture if you can carve some time to work on the assignments. Good luck on your studies! and we've got this! :)

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    Lindsey Matetich

    Thank you! This is great information and I feel we walk a similar path. I will look into Hyperfine next. My PA scaled score was 524 so I think I missed a pass by a question or 2; so close. It’s hard to work and advance your career and raise a kid… but it’s worth it. I’m feeling much more hopeful about this process. Best of luck to you as well! Let’s not give up! Let’s get licensed!

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